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Why only stay on the island when there are so much activities around? Make use of the Exciting activities while exploring our natural beauty and the habitats around.
Maldives has many beautiful islands for visitors to explore and enjoy. Each has its own charm and offers a vast array of fun and exciting things to see and do. Each island is unique on its own way. the life style may be different. Moving arround the friendly people, enjoying local foods and shopping are among the interesting things to do.

Snorkeling Trips

You want to see the underwater world with limited equipment? Then join one of our snorkeling trips! Good thing is you don’t have to be a good swimmer to enjoy snorkeling. That makes most of us eligible to this must do activity in the Maldives. read more…  

$25-$50 PER TRIP

Fishing Trips

The Maldives is one of the top sports fishing destinations in the world, why NOT we try a fishing experience and enjoy the fresh catch on the dinner table. read more…

$40-$100 PER TRIP


Diving with beautiful tropical fish in a clean water is fantastic chance to explore the underwater life. Located in the north of Ari Atoll you will find some of the most popular dive-sites at close distance. Doesn’t matter if you are already an experienced diver or a beginner – the Lagoon DIve Club will give you the best experiences! read more…

$50-$75 PER DIVE

Water Sports

You can Enjoy wide range of mechanised and Non-mechanised water sorts activities such as wake-boarding / tube rides / windsurfing / jetski & more activities on the big wide Maldivian ocean! read more

$40-$100 PER TRIP

Trips to Sandbank

Do you love the typical photos of amazing small white sand island in middle of crystal blue water of the ocean in Maldives? The guest experience is amazing during this trip and there are no words to describe it.

$40-$80 PER TRIP

Island Hoping

Why only staying on one island when there are many others around? We offer island hopping to different islands and observe the local island life and probably enjoy local food and shopping too.

$40-$100 PER TRIP