To make your stay as convenient as possible we have collected the most asked questions here.


What is check in/check out time?
Check in time is at 2pm, check out at 10am.
How do I get to Lagoon View Maldives?
There are three different options.

Speed Boat Transfer
The speed boat transfer is the most common and preferred by our guests. You will either be picked up at the airport or you can get on board in Male after a whiste-stop in Male.

Duration: 1h 30mins
Price: USD 50.00 (per pax/trip)

Departure timings
Airport to hotel: 10:30 am / 4:00 pm
Hotel to airport: 6:30 am / 12:30 pm

Sea Plane Transfer
Air Taxi operates from 6am to 5pm, 7 days a week and is the most expensive mode of transfer from Airport to hotel but the experience may be pleasant. Once the flight is boarded you just get your camera ready to capture the birds view of islands and the coral reefs standing out from the blue ocean. Tourists are required to confirm with payment before 5 days from arrival date

Duration: 20 minutes
Price: USD 260.00 (per pax/trip)

Ferry Transfer
Ferry transfer is the cheapest mode of transfer to hotel, however time taken is longer. If seas are moderate and calm tourist choose this option to minimize the expenditure on holiday. Usually the ferry operates 3 days a week.

Departure timings:
Male – Bodufolhudhoo  ( Sun, Tues and Thurs Only) 9am from MTCC ferry terminal
Bodufolhudhoo – Male ( Sat, Mon, and Wed Only) 9am from Bodufolhudoo Terminal

Duration: 5-6 hours
Price: Approx USD 10.00 (per pax/one way)

Do you have Wifi available?
Yes, we do offer free Wifi for our guests. Please be aware that we can not offer high-speed internet, since the network in the Maldives is not the fastest.
Can I wear my bikini at the beach?
Yes, you can. Lagoon View Maldives is the only local guesthouse with its own private bikini beach. This means you can wear normal swimwear.
Can we buy/drink alcoholic drinks at Lagoon View Maldives?
Lagoon view Maldives is located at a inhabited island and alcohol is strictly forbidden in the local islands by Maldivian law, while Alcohol will be only available in the resorts.

If you would like to enjoy alcoholic drinks we are happy to help you arranging a transfer to our neighboring resort island.

Do you have a fitness center?
We have a small gym with basic equipment and facilities.
Do you have a spa?
Our spa will be ready soon to make your vacation even more relaxed.
Is there a special dress code?
Within the area of the guesthouse we don’t have a special dress code. Within the restaurant area we kindly ask you to cover your swimwear.

Staying on a local island gives you the opportunity to explore the typical local Maldivian life. Whenever you leave the guesthouse premises, and walk to the local village please be dressed modestly (shoulders and knees covered, no deep neckline).

What payment options do you have?
You can either pay your stay by cash (in USD , EURO ) or by card. Please be aware of the additional card payment fee of 3.5%.
Do you allow smoking on property? In the rooms?
Smoking is allowed outside the rooms.

Local Life

Are there any shops on the island?
Yes, there are a few shops including 2 mini market where you can buy basic things like a package of buscuits and more. Further you also find 3 souvenirs shops in the island.
Which currency do we need on a local island?
You can easily pay with US-Dollars or Maldivian Rufiyaas ( but preferably us Maldivian Rufiya).

Exchange rate USD – MVR: 15.42

Can we take photos outside of the guesthouse?
Yes, you can. Please do ask the people first before you take any photos of them. Some might be a little shy.