Restaurant Menu

Break fast

Breads rolls, corn flakes with honey & cold milk Fresh fruit plate, juice, hot coffee or tea
Homemade chapatti, local style omelet, tuna mashuni, tuna satani , fresh fruit, hot tea/ coffee
Pancake with golden syrup, scramble egg, baked beans, toasted Bread, Sausages, hash brown potato, hot coffee or tea

Appetizer / soup


Mozzarella tomato, olive oil and basil served with garlic bread
Fresh lettuce iceberg, warm croutons, garlic, boiled egg, parmesan Cheese with creamy anchovy dressing

Served with mixed cheese and bread

Oregano flavored, olives, feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, olive oil and sliced Onions


Chunky tuna, onion, chilly, curry leaves mixed with tomato sauce
Chicken, mushroom mixed with tomato sauce
Chicken marinated with traditional tandoori sauce
Yummy rich meat bolognaise sauce with cheese
Mixed vegetable with tomato & oregano

Burgers & Wraps

Ground beef, tomato, onion, lettuce, gherkin and Mayonnaise with French fries
Ground chicken, tomato, onion, lettuce, gherkin and Mayonnaise with French fries
Chicken chunks mix with mild spicy pimentos sauce and cheese, peppers and mayonnaise with French fries
Yellow fin tuna mixed with sandwich served with Fries & salad
Char grilled chicken mixed with sandwich served with Fries &salad
BBQ Marinated beef mixed with sandwich served with Fries& salad
In-house special marinated fish fillet mixed with sandwich served with Fries & salad
Char grilled vegetable mixed with sandwich served with Fries & salad
Zesty Tortilla Burrito your choice of filling Beef / Fish /Chicken / Vegetables
Tortilla rolled stuffing & filled with chili pepper tomato sauce mozzarella cheese Your choice of filling – Fish /chicken / Beef / vegetables

Asian Specialities

Spice Green Fish Curry

Served with ramba fried rice, coconut, tomato sambol, papadam & mango Chutney.

Vermicelli Chopsy

Served with Fried noodle mixture with Vichy mixed vegetable, fried eggs .

Thai Green Chicken

Nature Spice green saucy chicken served with aromatic Thai vegetable rice, mixed With vegetable pickle & papadam.

Lemon Fried Chicken

Lemon flavor marinated chicken golden fried served with Chinese fried Rice and mixed green salad.

Butter Fried Rice

Vichy herb mix butter fried rice served with boiled vegetable & mixed Green salad.

Fried Rice

Beef/chicken/tuna/egg/vegetable fried rice served with fried eggs & papadam

Fried Noodles

Beef/chicken/tuna/egg/vegetable fried Noodles served with fried eggs & papadam


(INDONESIAN FRIED RICE) Mixture with seafood & meat, served with fried eggs And papadam


(INDONESIAN FRIED NOODLES) Mixture with seafood & meats, served with fried Eggs and papadam

Maldivian Mixtures

Fisherman’s Catch

Whole marinated fish served with chili wily rice, righter salad and Papadam

Maldivian Taste of Spice I

Tuna fish mussanmaa Maldivian style served with sultana rice, green cabbage with Grated coconut sambole, papdam & lemon pickle

Maldivian Taste of Spice II

(Kulhiriha) spice fish curry served with rambaa fried rice, coconut and tomato sambole, mango chutney and papadam

Maldivian Taste of Spice III

Home-made chapatti served with red dhal curry and deep fried chilly fish And coleslaw salad

Maldivian Taste of Vegetarian

Vegetable fried rice served with samba curry, tomato, cucumber sambole Mixed with pickle and papadam

Dinner Favorite of Meat & Poultry

Porter House Madagascar

Tender sirloin steak, thin green peppercorn glaze, seasonal vegetables, parsley and Potatoes

Tasmanian Tenderloin Lyonnais

250g King island grain fed beef fillet, meat glaze, fried onion rings & sautéed Potatoes

Tourwedos Cheussur

The round barrel shaped 200gm beef grilled and cooked European chasseur sauce Served with chef salad & buttered herb rice

Australian T-bone Steak

Seasoning with Mustard & Rosemary. Thin green peppercorn glaze, seasonal vegetables, and parsley potatoes

Lagoon View Stuffed Chicken

Chicken breast stuffed with semi dried tomato, roasted eggplants, Lemon cream Sauce

Chedder Chicken

Chicken cooked in rich cheddar cheese sauce served with butter fried rice & Boiled Vegetables

Sea Foods

Char Grilled Lobster

Tasty Maldivian lobster Grilled & served with butter vegetables &rice, garlic butter

Lobster thermidor

Yummy Maldivian lobster stuffed and greatened served with butter vegetables &rice

Grilled Octopus

Fresh catch Maldivian octopus grilled & served with herb risotto and butter vegetable chunky tomato salad

King Crabs au gratin

Daily fresh catch Maldivian king crabs au gratin served with butter rice boiled vegetables

Crumbed Fantail Prawns

Served with Crunchy single coated creamy tartar sauce

Mexican Calamari Rings

Crunchy single coated creamy tartar sauce &Mexican salsa

Fisherman’s Basket

Crumbed calamari, prawns, scallops fish with tartar sauce, reach of salad And French fries

Catch of the Day

Ask your waiter for the special

Cream of de prawns

Marinated mustard flavored jumbo prawns grilled, served with boiled vegetables, Rich salad & sour cream

Fish & Skewers

Garlic flavored marinated prawns skewed & grilled served with butter herb rice & Rich salad

Pasta Ala Italians


Prime Vera basil or oregano mozzarella, tomato, olive and celery leaves


Tomato, olive and chilly capers


Tomato and eggplant


Olive oil, tomato sauce, cream, oregano, basil, egg yolk and parmesan cheese

SPAGHETTI Napolitano

Tomato and herb


Olive oil, garlic mixed seafood calamari, fish and shrimps, peeled tomato, parmesan cheese

SPAGHETTI bolognaise

With a rich meat sauce


With Napolitano sauce


Butter, bacon, fresh cream, parmesan cheese & egg yolk


Smoked salmon and fresh cream & parmesan cheese


Fruit Cocktail

Orange mixed fruit, mixed with honey and served chilled

Exotic Fruit Platter


Melon Frap’e

Digestional ginger flavor, honey dew melon served with costar sugar & Bed of Crushed ice

Baked Alaska

Layer of cake & mixed fruit, ice cream, baked meringue & served

Triple Scoop

Chocolate, vanilla & strawberry ice cream served with jam sauce & nuts

Single Scoop

Choice of single scoop ice cream

Desserts of the day

Ask your waiter for the day special desserts