Breeze Restaurant

At Lagoon Breeze restaurant, we also have a Coffee Shop that will be opened from morning 6am until 11pm, which features an extensive Beverages from fresh juices, mock tails, Coffee and snacks Menu of its own… Alcohol will not be served with us, however, guests who prefer to enjoy a beer or wine could take our 4 minutes speed transfer and visit the Bar at nearby resorts between 5pm -9pm. Try not to get tangled within dozens of miscellaneous cocktails, alcoholic drinks and different wines that we have there!

Meal timings

Breakfast: 0800hrs – 1000hrs

Lunch: 1200hrs – 1400hrs

Dinner: 1900hrs -2000hrs

Breeze offers a range of Asian and western menu from breakfast, soups, snacks & burger, Maldivian, Italian, Red-meat, sea foods menu. << Menu >>
Breeze Serves a Vegetarian menu which also includes an Asian and western dishes aiming to serve our customers who may seek a much healthier meals.<< Menu_Veg >>